Big Tent Survival

“How do you read it ?” Jesus in Luke 10:26

I’ve taken several posts to lead up to this final testimony. Hopefully, if you’ve followed along, you can appreciate the build up of me stating things how I see them. There is something both strong and weak about testimony. Strong, in that hearing things personalized and actualized, can give more power than the mere postulating of theory. Weak, in that the knowledge rests  more in the person, their limited experience and opinion, rather than in vetted institutions. Hopefully, by now, it’s more obvious that collapsing these two has been the aim of much of these posts. Perhaps collapse is inevitable. Either we collapse in the manner aforementioned, or we succumb to the proverbial prophecy found in a perishing people who have no real vision. That would be a downer. Nothing like a testimony as a pick me up.

I identify with, and find solidarity in, Christ revealing God’s Love on the cross, dying for my sins. I derive a great sense of Life from perceiving that God is kind. Christ’s kindness does not get overcome by the world, rather it overcomes the world. In my mind and heart, the powers (both satanic and secular) that assert merciless dominance have been utterly shamed and exposed to the point of being defeated. And so, I live in a way that heralds this victory of Christ as effecting everything.  I find the self sacrificial love of Christ as simple and communicable revelation; one which can be stewarded both as the way of salvation, and the way of life…or put even more simply…altruism is how to live and how God is saving the world. I believe in persistent covenant-like commitment to this as conversion, and immersion into this school happens only through an open, shared life community.

I do not know, nor care about much else.



2 thoughts on “Big Tent Survival

  1. Good post/series. I think it’s important to realize that Christian brothers can disagree about secondary/minor points of theology without inciting division in the church. Moreover, it helps to realize if an issue falls outside the set containing [the Cross, resurrection, salvation, loving your neighbor], it is secondary and not worth alienating other brothers by arguing over it.

    That being said I do love fostering community by arguing with you about theological minutiae over a pizza and glass of fine Scotch. So maybe there’s a place for that, too.

    • I do believe the phrase goes : “In Essentials Unity, In Non-Essentials Liberty, In All Things Charity and Pizza and fine Scotch.” if I’m not mistaken. And I’m often mistaken. Yet I’m okay with that, cause there’s this one thing I’m right on…

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