Parish the Thought

Without a vision the people perish.  Proverbs 29:18


I once heard a sermon in which it was mentioned that the word perish could be translated disintegrate.

There has been talk for a while now, (using, say, the legalization of gay marriage as a watermark) of the decline of evangelicalism in the U.S.

So a probable frame for this, could be, the proverb and this idea of a sustaining vision which binds us together to weather the crucibles of culture wars, policy change, or whatever.

Hopefully, several posts to come, but for now let’s start with this private/personal question…”What vision do you have ?” And perhaps how is it holding up ?

I think we all have a vision, whether or not we realize it, so asking questions is initially more beneficial then rushing to answer.

If you identify as part of the people of God, what vision do you have ? If we all shared your vision, would it bind us together in the right way, and how does that juxtapose with reality these days ?


The forthcoming posts will include what a certain vision’s structure should not be, what it should be, and then finally my personal reveal.

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