Guidelines For Share Time Based On 1 Corinthians 14

Whenever you gather together, each and every one of you, be prepared to share something that will be useful to all, that will build up the body of Christ.

It could something creative and art-like, a song or lyric etc.
A testimony, or story, or praise report.
A prayer.
A lesson, or even a small proclamation, something very brief but true.

If you pray in tongues please consider praying off site ahead of time as part of your prep. Pray for interpretation so that you can proclaim in English your word to the group.
Only 2-3 people should share – so that what is shared has time to be developed and explored, after being weighed by the group. (So please get comfortable with prepping something to share but not actually getting to share it. If it’s really burning on your heart and you do not get to share, the Lord probably has another time or people to share it with.)
If you choose to speak up, you need to own what you say. That means taking on the light burden to prepare so that is lucid, coherent and succinct in the theme of building everyone up.
What all ends up being shared should have a complimentary tone to it… it should all be in harmony, rather than conflicting, contradictory or confusing.
Interrupting or grinding the group to a halt with questions that challenge, or hijack the current topic, need to be asked later off site to a person you can trust to help you. If we do need clarification, the Spirit can and will give someone a more spontaneous word or comment, so there needs to be a light allowance for whoever is sharing to yield to such an appropriate interruption. There is also the slight burden and responsibility on the one who feels lead to interrupt accordingly.
No one person should dominate through sharing too much. For it’s together and that we have the mind of Christ. Just share what you have in the realest, most earnest, dressed down way possible. Avoid adding to what you have with excessive language, just try to share no more and no less of what’s dearest to your heart (that you sought during your prep time.)
These guidelines can seem constrictive, they are not, quite the contrary, they free us up for poised worship and calm, balanced discernment of God’s word.
Lastly, keep in mind, that which builds up the Body of Christ most is her center; the Gospel. That Jesus died for our sins on the cross, that God’s Love has saved us, is our life, and is making all things new.
So let’s love one another by sharing in this regard.